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In оnline pоker there are rules that apply only to the Internet game. For example, a ban on chatting in the chat. You also can not tell another player what cards you have. The observance of these rules is monitored by moderators. If you, in turn, notice that someone is violating accepted norms of behavior, you should immediately report this.


The requirement to be polite and behave ethically is just as important in online poker as in offline poker. The fact that you do not see your opponents and they do not see you does not give you the right to disrespectful acts against them.

Actions prohibited in chat

Conspiracies – in multipots: it is not allowed to tell your opponents what cards you have, or tell them to fold, even if you do not know who you are playing with.

Insults – leave unflattering comments about the families of opponents outside the chat room and for themselves.

Discussions of hands in hand are the same as collusion. You can not tell any of the playеrs that one of the playеrs is weak, bluffing, has a monster and the like. Leave this information with you and act in accordance with it when your turn comes.

Tracking Actions

The prefix “online” means that poker is played on a computer on the Internet! And one of the advantages of this type of poker is that you can use poker software to analyze the game and collect statistics. This is legal software, with which you can improve your performance in the game.


To deal with forced pauses, all poker online games have a kind of clock with a countdown. The purpose of this technique is to ensure that players do not wait indefinitely for any single player who, for example, went to open the door, began talking with the visitor and forgot about the game. If you do not perform any action for a certain period of time, your cards are discarded.

You also need to make sure that the Internet connection is sufficiently reliable. If you disconnect, you get a small amount of extra time, but it is limited. Upon expiration, your cards are discarded.