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There are many unwritten rules in poker offline games. Gaming etiquette is of great importance in poker. For example, you can not show disrespect to the dealer.

Behave with the dealer as you would like him to behave towards you.

Do not blame the dealer for simply doing his job. If he is mistaken in something, this is an excuse to understand him and offer his help, and not rush at him with his fists. And if with the advent of the card on the river you get a penalty from aces, and your opponent has a royal flush, try not to strangle the dealer. Dealers simply do what they have to do. And most of them cope very well.

Respect others, if you want, that they respected you!

The same applies to opponents at the table. Do not ever be haughty to those who do not play well. Poker is a game in which very different people participate with completely different game experience. Therefore, if one of the opponents is not playing the best way, you will look in the eyes of others just as unimportantly if you allow yourself any comments on this score.

If, in turn, you feel that someone is showing disrespect towards you, inform the dealer, the manager on duty or the casino manager. Do not try to solve the problem yourself. Remember that casinos will not tolerate inappropriate behavior in any of its forms. You will not be at all funny if you are kicked out of the casino or banned from appearing in it. This will be all the more offensive if you did not start a quarrel.

Possible tricks

In offline poker, unlike the game on the Internet, players have many opportunities for various tricks. That is for such unethical methods that allow you to gain an advantage in the game. For example, a player can hide a high-value chip among chips with less dignity. At the same time you will not know how much money he has on his desk. Or the player can pretend that he does not have cards to force the next player to act in turn. The benefits will then be used to their advantage.

These and similar methods are considered dishonest and disapprove of the majority of players.