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In order to win today in poker, sometimes it’s not enough just to play in a tight-aggressive style and avoid tilt. Of course, these two factors, combined with a good table-select – this is undoubtedly the right way to achieve success in poker. And to be honest, at low limits (NL2 and NL5 online, $ 1 / $ 2 live) this will be plenty. However, as you progress through the limits, you will begin to notice that the regulars are becoming more intelligent and harder.

They will no longer be those zombified nits, multi-tabling on 20 tables, as it was on the microlite. They have already learned to think at a higher level, and they themselves will constantly look for loopholes, so that you can be buried!

Forget about hands – start thinking by ranges

One of the most important keys to the growth and development of you as a poker player is getting rid of those thoughts that your opponent may have some particular hands, such as AK, or JT, or 99. The opponent does not have these hands. Instead, the opponent has what is called the range of hands!

You do not need to calculate specific values, as in this example, obviously, it’s all about. The main thing here is to grasp the essence.

We are interested in the whole range of the opponent’s hands. Specific hands that he can have, we are not interested.

Thus, based on the strength of our own hands, we will be able to choose the most profitable lines. And logically it’s very simple.

For example, in this example, the opponent’s range is rather weak (strong hands and nuts will only have 20% of cases). Therefore, reverse re-raising will be a bad option if we ourselves have a strong hand or nuts.

In most cases, the opponent will simply fall. So, we better just call and allow the opponent to continue his bluff with 80% of the hands of his range, against which we are ahead.

But if we have a weak hand or air, then the 3-bet in the bluff will be a very reasonable option here. We can also fold if we believe that against us is a type of player who does not throw away his firewood or weak hands.