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A successful player must be able to carefully observe his opponents and form a correct opinion about them. Thanks to this skill, he can quickly recognize a seasoned regular and an inexperienced novice. Naturally, he will play carefully against the first one, and from the second he will try to extract all the chips. The main features of Fish in poker are as follows:

There is no constant limit for the game – an inexperienced player chooses tables not by bankroll management, but by taste. He can play for a cheap limit and suddenly transfer to a more expensive table.

A wide or too narrow range of cards – experienced players play about 12-20% of starting hands. If the range of the poker player is too different from this value, for example, it is 8 or 30% – this means, in most cases, that he does not know how to choose starting cards. A newbie either values ​​his money too much and waits only for the best starting hands to enter the trades, or is not able to fold even garbage cards.

The game without a position – inexperienced players rarely take into account their position when choosing a starting card. Such rivals do not understand the difference in position at the table in relation to the Blinds in the information and tactical terms. You can detect ignorance of the position at the showdown – you will see that the player’s starting hand does not fit into the position in which he began to play it.

Limp – the fear of promotions is a disease of most inexperienced players. They rarely raise before the flop, even with pocket Aces. They believe that having good cards, you should not give out their power, because they do not know that playing a limp can lose the value of their cards.

Inadequate actions – a loose player often makes decisions that cannot be made in the situation in which she finds herself. For example, they often bet Donk, although their opponent was the aggressor on a previous street and is in a good position. They can bet all in preflop, since they just liked the cards, etc.